Startling Remote Work Burnout Statistics

Of course, the worst thing you can do when you are stressed is to abuse alcohol or prescription medications, which will just make things much worse in the long run. If you happen to live in Colorado, and you’re considering getting some recently legalised herbs, think again. In this situation, that’s bad for you too, and can cause nasty withdrawal symptoms if you are suffering from burnout, anxiety, depression, and a range of other conditions. There is nothing wrong with having a couple of beers or glasses of wine, especially if you get good stuff and enjoy this guilty pleasure over a nice meal. In fact, many medical experts find that moderate alcohol intake is good for you. However, if you are stressing out and on the verge of burnout, it’s not.

remote work burnout

Having clear starting and ending times to even remote work days is vital to fully disconnect from work and be fully present in your personal life. What started as a short-term leave from the office has transformed into an entire workforce transition. Remote work has been on the rise, with a peak of 62% of employed US adults working part or full time from the confines of their home. But remote work isn’t the only thing that has been on the rise… More than two thirds, or 69%, of employees are experiencing burnout symptoms while working from home, and this influx is impacting both business productivity as well as the overall health of the workforce.

How Strengths, Wellbeing And Engagement Reduce Burnout

While research shows that nearly 100% of managers rate themselves as supportive of employees with families, only half of their subordinates agree. Being alone all day and never feeling the freedom to fully disconnect from work takes its toll, and so does staring at a screen during hours of meetings rather than sitting and talking with people face-to-face. Add in a home office that is just a kitchen table that your kids also need to use throughout the day and a boss who is less than understanding, and you have a recipe for a stressful remote job. Whether remote work is stressful or not depends on several factors, such as your particular job, your home office setup, and your boss. Much of the reason workers are willing to be available at all hours is because 60% of them are afraid they’ll lose their jobs if they don’t go above and beyond. 63% of workers feel they’re discouraged from taking time off. Like exercise, getting enough sleep is crucial for preventing work burnout.

remote work burnout

Opt for fruit, nuts, high protein low-fat foods, and don’t forget to stay hydrated. On the psychological side, mental health problems may arise as burnout increases your likelihood of developing depression and anxiety. Heightened irritability can weaken relationships, low performance can damage self-esteem, and your overall levels of self-care are bound to decline. Beating burnout is essential for your wellbeing and professional success, so build healthy stress relief habits. Remote workers need to be careful not to let their passion overpower their physical and mental health.

Schedule Regular Check

Anyone who works from home is likely guilty of getting sucked into a project, a meeting that went twice as long as expected or finishing jobs for deadlines. It could be the emotions you experience when you open your laptop for the day because you haven’t slept well the night before, because of work.

Working from home full time during the pandemic is a very different experience than working remotely prior to COVID and it shows in our burnout data. Employee Experience Analyze and improve the experiences across your employee life cycle, so your people and organization can thrive. With remote working on the rise, here are a few ways to prioritize remote employee engagement in your workforce.

Burnout Prevention For Remote Workers

That will help you get more done in less time, so you can focus the rest of your energy on eating well, exercising regularly, taking mindful breaks, building meaningful relationships, and finding your purpose. There are many consequences of experiencing burnout, both physical and mental. On the physical side, prolonged stress and lack of sleep can lead to cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Of course, these can be incredibly serious if you don’t take steps to overcome them. When employee feedback is used to revise or form new company policies, update employees to let them know how their feedback drove change and initiated progress.

Recognising burnout symptoms early on is of vital importance and I cannot stress this enough. That may be a drastic example, and I hope it will not encourage any Toptalers to take a two-year leave of absence if they experience their first case of burnout. However, even two weeks can make a big difference, provided you catch the symptoms of burnout early. Remote workers can turn just about any spot into an office.

With burnout among teachers on the rise, educational institutions need to prioritize the mental health and well-being of their educators to help them succeed in the classroom. It can be difficult for parents who work from home to say no to their kids when they want to do an impromptu craft project, or when they are sick and home from school. Make it clear that it’s okay to have dual priorities and that you know sometimes personal needs win.

The State Of Work From Home Burnout

Remote work has resulted in people working longer hours and not setting proper limits, leading to workdays that have no discernable beginning or end. It’s important for C-suite leaders to recognize signs of burnout in both on-site and remote workers since job stress and fatigue affect all individuals in different ways. For organizations considering whether to continue work from home, it is essential to recognize your internal structures and examine whether remote work has been an effective option for your employees. The ability to work from home, even on a hybrid basis, can be a powerful way to offer flexibility for workers while avoiding burnout. However, data from prolonged remote work indicates the importance of employers properly implementing these remote structures.

  • “They can be incredibly useful resources to structure the kind of recovery plan you need to be put into place,” Orbé-Austin said.
  • People might be harming their health by spending more hours on spreadsheets and conference calls, for example, instead of exercising or socializing.
  • This helps your staff feel respected, appreciated and free to take care of what’s most important.
  • This burnout is usually a consequence of not being able to properly separate work and home life, as many remote employees have claimed they find it harder to “unplug” from work at the end of the day.

We spend hours glued to our computers every day, so it’s important to remind ourselves to get up and engage in some activities every now and then. Go out for breakfast or coffee, go for short walks a few times a day, do some housekeeping. You don’t have to exhibit all these symptoms if you are burned out. For example, my burnout symptoms included anxiety, fatigue, heart palpitations, and inability to focus. I am not sure about anger and irritability, because I’ve always been an irritable person.

Whether it’s taking conference calls in a parked car or from a beach café, we can make it work. Our office is in the cloud, not in our dad’s office building. I have no medical training, so I can only offer a few words of advice based on my personal experience. If you feel like you could use some proper help, you should get in touch with colleagues, friends, and your doctor. Without the personal interactions on the office floor, it is more difficult for co-workers to notice subtle shifts in your behavior and address them with you. It is your responsibility to be aware of your behavior and speak to it with others. Concealing your concerns beneath a smile will only make them worse.

How Do I Know If I Have Wfh Burnout?

I am not suggesting you stop drinking your morning coffee, but if you drink a lot of caffeinated soft drinks, or energy drinks, it might be a time to slow down. Remote workers are more prone to burnout than their office counterparts for a number of reasons.

remote work burnout

In addition, it’s important for employees to take all of their available vacation time and for employers to encourage them to do that. Taking intentional time to rest will improve workers’ mental and physical health and allow them to have time to reset to bring their best to their jobs. The worries and pressure on employees, especially those who are working from home for the first time, can exacerbate mental illness and lead to a drop in productivity.

Why Remote Work Mental Health Awareness Is Important

This hub can host a variety of resources for the team, including onboarding documents, training materials, social media templates, and video guidelines. Employees at home might not have the same motivation to get up and move around during the day as they would if they were taking a break remote work burnout outside of the office. Leaders must do everything in their power to support their employees, and lessons from Gallup research conducted in Japan can help. Get the insights you need to create an exceptional workplace. But the fundamental human needs of employees remain the same.

  • There is a powerful link between social support in the workplace and reduced levels of burnout among employees.
  • Healthy snacks boost your productivity, lowering stress and increasing feelings of accomplishment.
  • I can agree with everything you said, having experienced burnout myself.
  • If that sounds like depression, that’s because the two are not far off, according to researchers.

Trying to tackle deep, meaningful work in such suboptimal conditions leads to stress, cognitive fatigue, and frustration, all of which impact mental health. It may be disguised as passion, that incredible feeling of excitement and purpose that keeps you working toward a goal. However, if you don’t allow yourself to take a break once in a while, that passion may lose steam and burnout may set in. The extra hours of work that you’ve never felt were a big deal could actually be contributing to your chance of experiencing burnout. Those nights burning the midnight oil, only to wake up at the crack of dawn the next day are starting to wear on your body, your mind and your soul.

Disparate Treatment & Disparate Impact: Whats The Difference?

When you exercise, you also release endorphins, which elevate your mood and block out any stress-related pain you may be experiencing. Is unable to adequately manage or cope with personal life events or pressures that inhibit their productivity and/or negatively affect their ability to meet their deliverables. Managers may not be helping workers suffering from WFH Burnout.

By evolving management styles to incorporate more vulnerability and empathy, leaders and team members can help support each other to prevent and overcome burning out. Vistage Chair and executive coach Cheryl Marks Young discusses how leaders can acknowledge these difficult times while taking care of their teams — and themselves. Taking proactive steps to ensure your employees are not overloaded with work can help improve your overall retention rates.

How To Engage Remote Employees With 7 Tools Anyone Can Use

They save time by avoiding the commute, there are fewer office distractions, they can wear comfy clothes, and they usually have a more flexible schedule. 69% of remote workers are currently experiencing burnout. For many, the stress of starting remote work, dealing with a global pandemic and balancing their personal lives have reached a tipping point. This both strengthens team building and minimizes the sometimes-isolating effects of remote work which can contribute to remote burnout. Research from Gallup provides evidence of the health consequences experienced by remote workers with increased burnout present since the beginning of COVID-19. 76% of remote employees say that workplace stress has a negative effect on their mental health.

If Youre Working And Juggling Family Life, Set A Schedule

Talk to your team and set clear expectations from day one. Let others know when you’re available so they can adjust their workflows accordingly. Think twice before reaching out to your coworkers and always check the local time so you don’t catch them sleeping. There’s nothing wrong with seeking mental health support, especially if you’ve been locked at your home office for the past 12 months.

Refer back to Orbé-Austin’s “joy list” and set a block of time to mark the end of the workday by going for walk, tuning into a podcast or calling a friend. Our newsletter includes everything you need to build a happy, healthy and effecitve remote team. Our newsletter is sent every other week to show you how to build a happy, healthy and efficient remote team. Wellable are a good start for offering services and encouraging a healthy work-life balance. Just because you don’t have a physical HQ, doesn’t mean you can’t have a virtual one.